Teacher Training


WindStars Teacher Training can be tailored to accomodate the amount of time available and the interest/experience level of the teachers in attendance. A WindStars training event is organized much like a classroom with instruments available for active participation in a pre-band lesson. Unifying concepts and skills developed during general music classes with beginning instrumental instruction, teachers will experience a WindStars classroom from the perspective of a student with time provided for reflection and discussion between activities. The WindStars methodology emphasizes student creativity through composition and improvisation which will be showcased throughout the training. The training can focus on WindStars 1 for the Dood/Toot instruments or WindStars 2 for the jFlute, jSax and Clarinéo instruments. Teachers will leave with the knowledge to start their own WindStars program including information about maintenance and simple repair of the Nuvo instruments. The training is run by Brittany, the project leader and author of the WindStars curriculum. Please contact us for pricing.

A collegiate version of this training is also available upon request. This is a broader training that allows collegiate students to become familiar with the entire line of Nuvo instruments.


If you would like to host a WindStars Teacher Training within the USA or have questions, please contact Brittany: brittany@nuvo-instrumental.com

If you are outside the USA, please contact Max: max@nuvo-instrumental.com

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