We are the founders of Nuvo Instrumental. Our mission is to enable kids from all walks of life to experience the power of making music.

We believe that learning to play a musical instrument is profoundly life-changing. It gives increased confidence and a heightened sense of purpose. Numerous studies have revealed that students who participate in music programs at an early age perform better in other subjects and thrive socially. It is equally joyful and rewarding to take up a musical instrument later in life. Our most senior Nuvo student is 86 years young! However, learning to play a musical instrument isn’t easy! It requires concentration, frequent practice, an enthusiastic teacher, a suitable instrument and some degree of passion. Many traditionally designed instruments present hurdles that add to the challenges and inhibit the learning process unnecessarily. We produce instruments that minimise those hurdles and make learning easier, faster and more accessible.

To learn more about Nuvo Instrumental, please visit the Nuvo Instrumental website.

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