WindStars 2: Teacher Book for jFlute, jSax, Clarinéo, jHorn

This is the Teacher Book for WindStars 2 "Instrument Essentials." WindStars 2 builds on the skills learned in WindStars 1 and/or general music classes. WindStars 2 includes a teacher book along with five student books (the jHorn Student Book is available in treble or bass clef) This method can be used as a classroom method to teach multiple students on the NUVO jFlute, jSax, Clarinéo and jHorn in a pre-band ensemble.

Students will learn to read and play standard music notation throughout the book while learning beginning instrumental skills specific to each instrument. Additional supplemental tunes can be downloaded for free from the WindStars website in PDF format along with backing tracks. Since all NUVO instruments are in the key of C, no transposition is required if combining different NUVO instruments in the same ensemble.

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