Getting Started


Getting started - instruments and kids

How it Works

WindStars is a flexible program for elementary schools with books and free online supporting materials such as backing tracks, instructional videos and print files. It is a 3-stage program which can be easily adapted to fit into existing programs. Since WindStars instruments are all in concert pitch (C), the program can easily accommodate and blend with other classroom instruments like Boomwhackers, recorders, ukuleles and xylophones. You will also find it easy to accompany with the piano or guitar.

Getting Started

1. Decide which WindStars level you want to get started.

2. Purchase the Nuvo instruments and WindStars books from your favorite music dealer.

3. Familiarize yourself with the instruments. There are instructional videos to guide you on our Youtube channel.

4. Download the free music, video and print resources from the Resources page.

5. Start your WindStars journey and share your experiences with the WindStars community on FaceBook.

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